How to Localize?

Instructions on how to localize your real-world environment to the scanned point cloud maps

Get the Mapping app

The Mapping app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
This app requires you to have an ARWAY Developer account. You can register one for free in the Developer Portal.


The ARWAY Mapping app is currently only available for Android and iOS devices that support Google ARCore SDK and Apple ARKit SDK respectively.
For best results, use the latest high-end iOS or Android devices like -iPhone X/XR/XS/11/12 series, Samsung Galaxy S10/20 series, Note 10/20 series, Google Pixel 3/4/5, OnePlus 7/7T/8/8T series and so on. The app works best with devices that support ARCore Depth API.

Steps for localizing scanned maps

Step 1: Open the ARWAY Mapping app and Sign In with your registered email and password.
Sign in page for the ARWAY Mapping app
Step 2: After signing in successfully, you will be asked for camera permissions and then be taken to the instructions page telling you how to map, what to do when tracking is lost and so on.
Instructions page
Step 3: After the instructions page, you'll see the mapping page consisting of a start button, back button, map list button, and a button to switch to the localization scene. To go to the localization scene, press the localization icon on the bottom left corner of the screen.
Mapping Page
Step 4: On the localization scene, you will see a dropdown to select cloud maps at the top, a localize button at the bottom center, a button on the bottom left to go back to the mapping scene, and an arrow button which reveals two more buttons.
Localization Scene
Step 5: To localize, select a cloud map from the top dropdown and then press the localize button at the bottom center.
Step 6: To add a game object to the localized scene, press on the plus button within the arrow menu at the bottom left or click on the delete button to remove all the added game objects from the scene.