How to Delete a Map?

Instructions on how to delete a scanned map from the ARWAY Mapping app

Steps for deleting a map

Step 1: Open the ARWAY Mapping app and Sign In with your registered email and password.
Sign in page for the ARWAY Mapping app
Step 2: After signing in successfully, you will be asked for camera permissions and then be taken to the instructions page telling you how to map, what to do when tracking is lost, and so on.
Instructions page
Step 3: After the instructions page, click on the Cloud List button at the bottom right corner.
Cloud List Button at bottom right corner
Step 4: Scroll to find the map you want to delete and then click on the delete button icon beside it.
Deleting a map
Step 5: You'll then be asked for confirmation if you want to delete the map from the servers. Click on the Delete button to delete it permanently or press the Cancel button if you don't want to delete the selected map.
Step 6: After the map has been deleted from the servers, you'll get a message "Map Deleted".
Deleting maps is a non-reversible action. It'll be deleted forever so be careful.