ARWAY Mapping App - Deprecated

Overview of the ARWAY Mapping app

What is ARWAY Mapping app?

ARWAY Mapping is an intelligent AI application that helps you to scan any area (both indoors and outdoors) and create a point cloud map using it.
The point cloud map created can then be used for localization and create persistent AR applications for the users.

What it can do?

The app can be used to create a highly detailed point cloud map of your surroundings by finding unique feature points that align with the place.
It looks for unique feature points in the surroundings like patters and objects that are a part of that particular area. Those feature points are then saved as a point cloud map in the cloud which can be downloaded from the Developer Portal.
List of created point cloud maps
You can create a point cloud map for both indoor and outdoor locations.

Indoor Mapping

In order to map an indoor location, look for a place with plenty of light and objects in the area. The green dots represent the unique feature points scanned via the app. Greater the number of feature points found, the better would be the point cloud map created in the end.
Indoor Mapping

Outdoor Mapping

Similarly, for outdoor mapping, look for an area with a large number of feature points and a good lighting condition for the best results.
Outdoor Mapping