How to use Web Studio?
Learn how to add assets and use the ARWAY Web Editor

Tips before you start

For navigation to work, waypoints need to be added "from the origin to the destination at regular intervals of around 1 meter or 1 block".
All path should be connected from the origin so the pathfinding script can work over all destination and waypoints
You waypoints should start with the origin of Web Studio
Example of connected path in Web Studio with equal interval waypoints

Components of the ARWAY Web Editor

The Editor contains multiple components that perform different functionalities. They are divided into 3 different groups -
  • Left Toolbar Window
  • Bottom Toolbar Window
  • Inspector Window (Right)
ARWAY Web Editor

Left Toolbar Window

The Left Toolbar contains the following buttons -
  • Move - Move the asset selected in the scene.
  • Rotate - Rotate the asset selected in the scene.
  • Scale - Scale the size of the asset selected in the scene.
  • Save - Save the current state of the scene.
  • Duplicate - Create a duplicate waypoint in the direction of the selected waypoint.
  • Delete - Delete the selected object from the scene.
Buttons in Left Toolbar

Bottom Toolbar Window

The Bottom Toolbar contains the following buttons -
  • Edit -
    • Undo - Undo last change made.
    • Redo - Redo the last change undone.
    • Clear History - Clear the Undo and Redo history.
    • Clone - Clone an item in the scene.
    • Delete - Delete an item from the scene.
Edit Menu
  • Add -
    • Ambient Light - Add an ambient light to the scene.
    • Directional Light - Add a directional light to the scene.
    • Hemisphere Light - Add a hemisphere light to the scene.
    • Point Light - Add a point light to the scene.
    • Spot Light - Add a spot light to the scene.
Add Menu
  • Destination - Add a Destination in the scene.
  • Waypoint - Add Waypoint to the scene.
  • Load Models - Load ".GLB models" into the scene.
  • Images - Add an Image to the scene.
  • Text - Add 3D Text to the scene.

Inspector Window

The Inspector Window contains the following -
  • Scene - View a list of all the items present in the scene like Destinations, Waypoints, Images, etc.
  • Object - View and change the name and the transform (position, rotation, and scale) of the selected item.
Buttons in Inspector Window