Getting Started

Introduction to the ARWAY Developer Portal


  • Create new maps or edit existing ones by adding floor plans, 3D assets and more.
  • View and manage your point cloud maps created with the ARWAY Mapping app.
  • View your unique DEVELOPER_TOKEN from API menu.
  • Download the latest SDK core packages and Unity sample projects.
  • Contact us for technical support or general inquiries.

Web Studio

The ARWAY Web Studio allows you to create a navigation path via the online web editor by simply dragging and dropping assets to be displayed, which can then be used to navigate through the given area using the ARWAY SDK application.
ARWAY Web Studio Map List view


The Maps section in the Developer Portal contains a list of all the point cloud maps created via the ARWAY Mapping application.
After creating the point cloud maps, the users can then view or download them here in the maps section.
List of Point Cloud Maps Scanned with the ARWAY Mapping app
View the point cloud map in 3D using the in-built .pcd viewer.
You can click on the "+" or "-" buttons to increase or decrease the size of the individual points respectively.
View point cloud map with the in-built viewer

API Usage

The API usage section serves two functionalities -
  • View your unique developer token for using the ARWAY Unity SDK.
  • Check the number of API requests made via your token with a detailed log.
Check your API usage in the API menu


The support section mentions how to contact us for technical support or for general inquiries.
Support page for technical support or general inquiries


The Downloads section allows you to download the latest ARWAY Unity SDK and the ARWAY Mapping application.
Download the latest SDK or Mapping app