Sample Scenes

A Set of Scenes to help you get started.

Scenes in the Spatial Anchor + ARwayKit:

List of Scenes in Spatial Anchor + ARwayKit
  • Mapping: Create a Spatial Anchor and Map the surroundings in a PCD file.

  • Navigation: Find Spatial Anchors around you and localize content to the PCD map.

ARWAY SDK component settings (Inspector panel)
  • Target Frame Rate: Lets you set the frame rate for the app that most devices support.

  • Android Resolution: Lets you specify the image size used by ARWAY SDK for all Android devices.

  • iOS Resolution: Lets you specify the image size for iOS devices. You can leave this at default, which is the maximum resolution for most devices.

  • Developer Token: Lets you enter your unique token ID which can be found in the Developer Portal.