Introduction to Azure Spatial Anchors

What are Azure Spatial Anchors?

Azure Spatial Anchors by Microsoft allow you to build cross-platform mixed reality applications with spatial context. Across augmented reality (AR) platforms, "anchors" are a common frame of reference for enabling multiple users to place digital content in the same physical location, where it can be seen on different devices in the same position and orientation relative to the environment. With Azure Spatial Anchors, you can add anchor persistence and permissions and then connect anchors in your application so that your users can find nearby content.

Key Features:

  • Persist and Share 3D Content: Accelerate mixed reality app development by eliminating the difficult task of creating and restoring persistent, accurate digital anchors.
  • Operate at Real-world Scale: Spatial Anchors has a proven ability to operate at a global scale persisting and restoring millions of 3D objects.
  • Contextually integrate IoT data: Connect your digital business data to your real-world workflows in facility management, manufacturing, and retail.
  • Create massive multiplayer games in the real world: Spatial Anchors enables players to find nearby content, share and play mixed reality experiences in a real-world location, and persist games and puzzles for discovery on later days, weeks, or months.
  • Cross-platform: Spatial Anchors supports HoloLens devices, ARKit-enabled iOS devices, and ARCore-enabled Android devices.

Why use Azure Spatial Anchors + ARwayKit?

ARwayKit provides out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft's Azure Spatial Anchors. This allows the developers to create highly scalable and location persistent AR experiences with ARwayKit using the additional power of Azure Spatial Anchors.
After creating a map, the ARway Web Studio allows the developers to visualize and check the map data, add content (3D models, images, text, etc) to the map corresponding to the map points and update them in real-time!
These features allow the experiences to be more robust and accurately aligned with the user's surroundings leading to a better immersion at a real-world scale. ArwayKit also brings the ability to manage AR apps data in realtime. So developers can deliver their latest AR experience to end-users in real-time.

Benefits of Azure Spatial Anchors + ARwayKit?

Web Studio support: Visualize 3D maps, place and manage AR 3D Content relatively through Web Studio in Real-time, and use Multimap localization in ASA for large-scale environments.
Interoperable: Developers now have the choice to choose the underlying Mapping service, and ARwayKit services work seamlessly with both mapping services (ARWAY and ASA).
Robustness: ASA comes with the robustness of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality platform, so the map persists across seasons, viewports, and changing lighting conditions.
AR Headset support: ASA integration with ARwayKit comes with out-of-the-box support for the Hololens, so now developers can map, create and restore 3D AR content directly from Hololens.
Azure Spatial Anchors + ARwayKit

Components of Azure Spatial Anchors + ARwayKit:

  • Mapping Scene: Create Spatial Anchors and Capture Point Cloud maps by scanning your surroundings.
  • ARway Web Studio: A one-stop place for creating and editing maps, adding floor plans for navigation along with overlaying 3D assets, waypoints, destinations, text, and pictures over it.
  • Navigation Scene: Look for Spatial Anchors created near your surroundings and Localize content to them.
Components of Azure Spatial Anchors + ARwayKit