MultiMap Localization
Sample scene to show how to use multi-map localization using ARwayKit


Some environments are too big to capture in a single map or in some indoor environments you only want to Map certain hotspots. This can be achieved by creating multiple maps using the ARWAY Mapping app and a relative global pose can be obtained using this sample scene.
MultiMap Localization sample uses Map Offsets from your Point cloud maps added in WebStudio and then sends localization request containing all Cloud_Ids to ARWAY Cloud service which returns a local pose, which further is converted in global pose using the map offsets in PoseSetter script.
Multimap localization tutorial

How to Use?

Step 1: Open the Multimap Localization scene found in the Assets/ARWAYSDK/Scenes folder within the Unity project.
Step 2: In the Hierarchy window, look for ARWAYSDK gameobject and then click on it.
Step 3: In the Inspector panel, look for Arway SDK Script and enter your unique Developer Token in the Developer Token field and save the scene.
ARWAY SDK (Script)
Step 4: After saving, add the current scene to the build scenes. Then choose the platform of your choice (Android/iOS) and build the application.
Step 5: After building the application, install the app on your device.
Step 6: Now open the ARWAY developer portal, select or create a new map and then edit it which should take you to the ARWAY Web Studio.
Step 7: Add the maps you want to localize, relative to each other via the Point Cloud menu at the bottom toolbar.
Web Studio with different point clouds loaded relative to each other
DO NOT modify the scale of your point cloud map in the ARWAY Web Studio! It is already scaled with the real-world scale.
Step 8: After adding the point clouds, add the contents (3D models, images, text, etc) over the respective point clouds at the position you want them to be on localization and save it.
Add content pinned to the point clouds
Step 9: After adding content to the map, open the built application. Give it the required permissions wherever asked.
Step 10: Now choose the map to which the content was added and press the localize button. It should then localize to the specific area you scanned.
AR Content aligned after localization
The accuracy while using multimap during localization depends on how you set the offsets of multiple maps relative to each other in the ARWAY Web studio.
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