Web Socket

Web Socket documentation for localization

Web Socket Server - Deprecated

server address to connect to web socket backend
var server = "ws://"

Sent message during each request

"developer_token": Developer Token,
"cloud_Ids": Int List of<cloud_id>,
"width": Image_width,
"height": Image_height,
"channel": 3,
"Camera_fx": camera_focallenght_x,
"Camera_fy": camera_focallenght_y,
"Camera_px": camera_principlepoint_x,
"Camera_py": camera_principlepoint_y,
"timestamp": image_timestamps,
"image": <image_byte_date_base64_Jpeg/png>
"version": SDK_version

Received message if pose found

"setparam": true,
"poseAvailable": true,
"counter": localizationCounter,
"pose": "poseArray"[R00,R01,R02,PX,R10,R11,R12,PY,R20,R21,R22,PZ]
"Cloud_Id": 345 (map which was localized)