Welcome to the ARwayKit documentation.
Get a look at all the features and components of ARwayKit including how to use our Unity SDK, Mapping app, Web Studio, and the REST APIs to create persistent AR experiences.

Why use ARwayKit?

At ARWAY, we are building ARwayKit to power camera devices with AI, to recognize their surroundings for hyper-accurate location apps. No Hardware. No Markers. It works in GPS denied environment with an accurate map scale and 6DoF accurate pose.
Compared to ARKit or ARCore, ARwayKit is fast, scalable, highly customizable, web-based, real-time, and tightly integrated with a cloud mapping and localization infrastructure that makes it the easiest way to build, deploy, and manage spatial apps on any platform.
ARwayKit comes with lots of sample codes to get started easily for use-cases such as Localization, Navigation, Games, MultiPlayer, multimaps.
It comes with an integrated Web Studio so the developers can create and manage their Location AR content and maps in Realtime from the Web.

Key Features:

  • Easy Setup: Sample scene and multiple tutorials.
  • Mapping: Create a digital twin of the surroundings and view the point cloud data through real-time video mapping.
  • Seamless Integration: REST APIs that work with any device.
  • Cross-platform: Capable of running on both Android and iOS.
  • Persistent: Localization for AR experiences that stay at their place.
  • Occlusion: Occlusion of AR Content in the real world and human occlusion.
  • Intelligent way-finding: Dynamic AR navigation and guidance.
  • Customization: Customise experiences with interactive elements.
  • Privacy Focused: Built from the ground with your privacy in mind.
  • Analytics: Optimise your operations with actionable data.


  • ARWAY Mapping App: Mapping app to capture point cloud maps by scanning your surroundings.
  • ARway Web Studio: A one-stop place for creating and editing maps, adding floor plans for navigation along with overlaying 3D assets, waypoints, destinations, text, and pictures over it.
  • ARWAY SDK: Unity SDK for quick and easy development of AR applications.
Components of ARwayKit
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